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The Family Portal Login is our Student Information System.  Parents and Students can access their grades, homework, and more. It is necessary for all parents and students to create an account and login on a regular basis. Here is where the Parents complete the child's yearly information before the 1st day of school.

Such as: 

  • Parent Contact Information

  • Who is permitted to pick up your child

  • Provide Medical Information

Student Account Information:

  • Your username is the same as your Chromebook user name.

  • Your password is the password you selected when you completed the Google Form sent to you.

  • Email Mr. Daniels if you have any problems.

Below are the steps to set up your account. If you are not sure how to do it, you are welcome to come into the school office on a Wednesday and we can help you.

1. Go to on your computer.  The link will take you directly to the Parent Login Page.
2. Click on the Log In Drop down arrow on the upper right hand side.
3. Click on Parents Web
4. Enter
    a. District Code: VC-OH
    b. User Name: (your e-mail address on file here at the school)
    c. Password: (the one you created)
        If you have not created an account:
           1. Click on Create new Parents Web account link, under the Login button
           2. Enter:
               a. District Code: VC-OH
               b. Email: (your e-mail address on file here at the school)

           3. Click Create Account button
           4. Go to your email account and open the renweb email
           5. Click on the link to create a password
           6. Create your User name and password
 7. Go back to the log in page and repeat steps a., b. &, c.

    d. Make sure the Parent tab is clicked
    e. Click Log in button

5. Click on Family Information button
6. Click on Enrollment / Reenrollment
7. Then follow the direction to submit your family’s information.

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